Outlet LED Night Light – Duplex Night Angel

//Outlet LED Night Light – Duplex Night Angel

Outlet LED Night Light – Duplex Night Angel

I’ve been struggling with night lights at my house and think this duplex outlet LED night light is key. I’ve seen this work so well at friends houses I went all in and bought 15 of them and 10 more for family members. This is a really simple install, take the screw out and push the new plate on and then put the screw back in. Simple as that! Here are the cheap ones that I have found and using.

Visiting Home Depot earlier today I couldn’t find any of the products. Menards had them but were around $8 a piece (Still cheaper than Amazon). The outlet LED night lights on Amazon were 3 to 4 times more expense so I won’t even post a link for those. Hope everyone likes Ebay because they are cost effective here!

Outlet LED Night Light Links

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