Rise of Kingdoms Events

///Rise of Kingdoms Events

Rise of Kingdoms Events

Rise of Kingdoms Events

Events are a crucial to the game play in the Rise of Kingdoms. It is also one of the best places earn rewards and items. There are many types of Events and duration varies based on the specific Event.

A good place to look is the Event Calendar. This shows all the Events happening and coming up during the week. The Events menu can be found towards the the top right of your screen that looks like an ancient paper with a nail through it.

Rise of Kingdoms Event Calendar

There are two categories of Events. These are Individual Events and Alliance Events. They are self explanatory as one is solely dependent on yourself and the other is dependent on your entire Alliance.


Types of Events in Rise of Kingdoms

There are three main types of events which include Permanent Events, Kingdoms Events and Global Events.

Permanent Events

These are just like they sound. These Events are permanent and will stay available until you complete them. These Events include:

  • Era Breakthrough
  • Facebook


Kingdom Events

There are Kingdom based Events that are unlocked based on time and milestones that can be found in the Monument building. These Events include:


Global Events

Global Events occur around major holidays around parts of the globe. For example Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Etc. These Events Include:

  • Cornucopia & Grateful For You
  • Esmeralda’s House
  • Hungry Turkey
  • Wheel of Fortune



Rise of Kingdoms Events are a vital part of the game play. Some events are hands down worth putting a lot of effort into based on the rewards. Make sure to review these and play based on your strategy. You may need to buy some Google Play Gift Card to help complete these rewards. This will help me buy a coffee and I can write another post. Cheers!

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