SimCity BuildIt Tips and Tricks

///SimCity BuildIt Tips and Tricks

SimCity BuildIt Tips and Tricks

1. Increase Your Population is the Fastest Way to Progress

Building your city is completely up to you but no matter how you do it you meed people in your city. The more people the more tax dollars you can collect. One fun twist is you need to keep your people happy to get them to stay in your awesome city and if they’re happy then this will increase your tax collection for Simoleans! Don’t forget to check City Hall every day to collect the taxes so the clock resets to optimize your income! Keep them happy with Service and Specializations like fire departments, police stations, and parks.

2. Plan Your Services Wisely

The best run cities have Residential zones that cater to your Sims needs. Depending on your progress in the game you’ll need fire stations, police stations, and health clinics. Your Sims will not stay long if they think they are deprived from these Services. Check you next level to see what this unlocks as if you unlock the police station next all of your Sims will demand this at once.

3. SimCity Layout – Move Buildings and Build Streets Easily

One very nice feature I like is you can move any building you want in the game. The roads are free and easy to move as well. When you start to upgrade your roads you’ll want to have a design for your city to avoid spending your precious Simoleans on re-upgrading a road.

4. Optimize Your Factory Output (During Gameplay and When You’re Offline)

Factories are the heart of how you progress throughout the game so it only makes sense to keep them busy at all times of the day. Yes, even when you are sleeping. Metal is something that you should only make when you are actually playing the game.

5. Keep a Random Materials and Items for Upgrading Residential Zones

If the most important thing is population then having the materials you need on hand to upgrade the zone quickly will be very beneficial. If you have to wait for a factory to create it this will significantly slow how fast your population grows.

6. Trade Materials at for Cheap (er)

You can often purchase items from the Trade Depot or from friends online at a discounted rate. If you’re a savvy trader, you could even sell these for additional profit. While you in their Trade Depot don’t forget to look at their city for a chance at free items to pop.

7. The City Storage is Always Full

Upgrading the City Storage is a smart thing to do. Then you can hold more items for your inventory. The more you level up, the more materials is required for upgrade and thus you’ll run out of storage. This is where I’ll spend SimCash and Simoleans to upgrade this faster!

8. Sims Hate Dirty Factories and Plants

Your Sims won’t be very happy if they are living right next to a dirty factory or plant. I don’t think you’d be very happy if you lived by one either. Be mindful to build a road to the edge of the map and keep the Residential Zones far away from Factories and Plants as possible. You can purchase ‘clean’ factories and plants but odds are you won’t be able to do this until much further in the game.

9. Increase Store Capacity


If you find yourself alway checking the game to keep Stores and Factories always building, consider spending some SimCash to increase the capacity. This would be the second spot I would spend my SimCash as I’m always trying to optimize the game play especially when I’m not even playing!

10. Build the Deluxe Version Sometimes

I would highly consider buying the basic or deluxe version of services. For example, I would buy the Deluxe Fire Station over the Basic First Station any day of the week. Why? Optimizing your city layout and packing all the Residential Zones next to these services is tedious and worth your time to invest near the beginning of the game.

This also goes the same for Wind Energy but it’s cheap and cost effective!


There are tons of strategies over at and I’d suggest to find additional resources over there.

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