SSD HDD – Solid State Drives Hard Drives

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SSD HDD – Solid State Drives Hard Drives

SSDs or Solid State Drives

SSDs are hard drives in your computer that storage data. Having a fast computer is on the top of everyone’s list. One of the most important thing about storing the data is how fast you can store the data. That is the key element SSDs solve. If you have an older computer that is starting to be a little slow for your tastes, a SSD just could be the lifeline to give the computer the ‘pep’ it needs. A lot of people will say add more memory or upgrade the CPU, but I will standby upgrading to a SSD first!

There are many different SSDs to look for but what I can tell you is not all SSDs are made the same. The first and easiest thing to look at is the read and write speeds. For example, this PNY SSD is in the 500mb range for both read and write speeds. According to popular sites its not in the top 25, but for the cost it’s sure a pick for me. What do you think?

SSD Gold Standard – Samsung 850 EVO

The Samsung SSD’s are the highest rated SSDs on the market. Partially because their performance is top notch and because they have a longer warranty on the device, 5 years versus 3 years. You will pay a little more quality but if you can afford the extra I would say it’s worth it. I personally use┬áthis SDD as the main hard drive and other cheaper SSDs for fast storage.

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