Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Kingdoms

The first thing to remember is keeping the timer running! You should be building, training, and researching at all times! I would set your notifications up for the game too so you can be reminded. Let’s jump right in on the beginner’s guide for Rise of Kingdoms

Beginner’s Guide #1: Daily Items!

Log in daily and collect your Daily VIP Point Rewards. This will give you points to your VIP and you can open a chest with rewards that increase as your VIP increases. Another place to log in daily is in the Campaign. In the Expedition section you can get daily Rewards clicking the chest in the upper left corner. Open the Silver Chests in the Tavern. The last daily item is to complete your Daily Objectives. This is great way to pickup up some much needed resources, boosts and all kinds goodies. These 4 daily items are really simple to do and you should focus on getting them done everyday. Pro tip – Contribute as much as possible to get on the Alliance Daily Donation Rankings. There are some good perks!

Beginner’s Guide #2: Training Troops

Here is one thing that you always need more of, TROOPS! It takes a long time to build up your armies so make sure that clock is going. The higher each building is the more troops and longer clock for training troops. Helpful for when you want to get a few hours of sleep. 

Beginner’s Guide #3: Research, Research, Research

Once the building is unlocked, research is vital! Research helps your troops defense and offense, produce more resources, speeds building and research time plus all sorts of other boosts in the game. You should focus on the Military Technology research first as this is the most important. The Economic Technology can be to help fill in time after military is done. Pro Tip- you can get free research scrolls of the first 6 Economic Technologies by scouting the map!

Beginner’s Guide #4: Join an Alliance

In the beginning it might be intimidating but try to join an alliance ASAP! Finding an active alliance could be a little more difficult but you can do your research and find an alliance that suites your needs. There are so many perks!

Beginner’s Guide #5: Building

I think that the best strategy is to rush City Hall. You might be tempted to keep all the buildings at the same level but you unlock everything based on you City Hall level. The other building that I keep up to date is the Academy. Those two go hand in hand. I will always use speedups on the Academy so I don’t waste time building and then finally getting to research. We already covered how important research is, right?

Beginner’s Guide #6 Barbarians and Barbarian Forts

You don’t have to kill real people in this game. This game really rewards you for defeating barbarians on the map. Another good point is your troops never die in battles against barbarians. They be wounded and need to go to the hospital, but you never lose troops. Once you join an alliance you can join Rallys and kill Level 1 Barbarian Forts!

Beginner’s Guide #7: Mining Resources

Mining resources will be extremely helpful as you’ll need resources for all the upgrades you are doing. Don’t be afraid and jump out there and start farming the Croplands, Logging Camps, and Stone Deposit.

Beginner’s Guide #8: Scouting the Map

Scouts should always be exploring. There are so many free goodies on the map it iss crazy!  It’s always a perk to be able to see the alliances and where everyone is coming from.

Beginner’s Guide #9: Commanders

There are a lot commanders, maybe to many. Upgrading is confusing and there’s a lot to it. I would recommend not upgrading the Star Levels until you are sure you know what you want. You won’t have the resources to update all of your Commanders. You won’t have the resources to upgrade the Commander you want either. Specialize in a couple of them. Since you’ll be working with Barbarians a lot, I would recommend Lohar at a minimum! Boudica is good against barbs and other players. Another thing to look at is who is good at collecting resources as this will cut down the mining time a lot!

Beginner’s Guide #10: Inventory Building and Research

Spend your inventory and use your speedups! There is no reason to hoard (much). The higher the level you are the longer things take, so a 10 min boost is more valuable in the beginning. You’ll start to win 24 hour, 3 day, 7 day, 10 day booster the higher level you are.

Beginner’s Guide #11: VIP and Gems

Getting your VIP level to 6 is extremely important as this is when you unlock your second builder. This is very important to continuing to level up as you can only hire the second builder so many times for free. I would spend all your gems at the beginning to try and unlock the second builder as it has the most value!

Conclusion for the Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Kingdoms

This is my top 11 things I wish I knew when I was starting. Do you think something should be added? Let me know below.